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Joyce Meyer said is best.. “Grace is Gods power, coming to us freely and all we have to do is receive it. It enables us to “do” with ease that we could never do on our own apart from God. With any amount of struggle and effort.”

She then goes onto talk about how she tried to be a better, peaceful, a better friend ect… However, it only made her more unhappy. She said that it was only God’s grace that could make her happy. It’s important to remember if you’re ever frustrated its because you’re trying to do something only God can do. (Romans 7:6)

“God’s grace is sufficient to bear the trouble manfully.” Joyce says from Corinthians. Any situation that we are in as Christians we should always be serving God, smiling and being positive. Even in some unforseen circumstances we need to learn to be happy in God by grace to glorify Him. Some circumstances can be awful but God will use that time to help us learn, grow and the take us to where we need to go next.

Prayer Starter: Lord, please watch over my mouth today less I sin over with my tongue today. I ask you today to remind me before I’m about to do something I shouldn’t. Please hep me today use the Holy Spirt in ways that will please you. Amen.

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