God Doesn’t Change

  • 3 years ago
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When it comes to changing your mind what do you think God has to say about this? Do you think He would encourage you or discourage you? Well, God has a perfect plan for your life already and He doesn’t ever change. He doesn’t alter or modify, replace or substitute. Especially His plan for your life. When God has a will it will happen and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

When you accept Jesus Christ into your life you become one. As if you are married. The Bible even compares to when we raise up to Heavan to be with God it’s like marriage. This is also talking about the Holy Spirit and how it dwells inside you. Your choices do not affect God but His will does affect you.

The bible in Malachi 3:9 says that we are cursed. The verses continues to explain that when we pay taxes or pay a common fund that it is actually robing God. It’s stopping us from doing His plan or will for our life that doesn’t ever change. His will always will always remain. He want’s us to instead, all bring our money willing with out force and give to the needy. He wants us to be giving, loving, kind, open our homes to others and all feast with each other in His name.

The Bible says when we willing give in His name the “windows of heaven will pour down on our blessings until there is no more need.” (Malachi 3:11). This will never change because He doesn’t change. He promises this and we will bear fruit, blessing and delight! So host for each other in God’s name, give willing and know that His will doesn’t ever change.

Malachi 3:6 “For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.”

Prayer Starter: Lord, thank you for today and giving me the opportunity to host others, give willingly and know that your will doesn’t ever change for my life. I know you have promises for me to bear fruit, blessings and delight by opening the windows of heaven until there is no more need. Please help myself and others today follow in your perfect will. Amen.

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