Proverbs 28:1

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My Aunt told me that she memorizes scripture so she can use it in everyday life. She explained to me that our hearts, minds and souls are always in a battle good verses evil. Every second of everyday. When she feels like something isn’t right she says a verse of scripture out loud and then simply walks away. We have the amazing opportunity to use scripture to defend us here on earth!

This is great news because Jesus has already come to the battle, faught and won for us! So, we don’t have any reason to fear or worry. Jesus is able to help us here on earth as well as in the spiritual realm as well. He died, defeated death, rose again and now hold the keys to hades. (Ezekiel 37:13), (Romans 8:11), (Matthew 10:7-8), John 11:25), (John 5:21), (Revelation 1:18).

God will and does come to our rescue every single time we need Him to. However, wicked people like to catch and attach to us by force. God will come to us or let us go to him when we need Him. Even if we don’t know we need Him, He is always with us to help us if we allow Him to. He is our Father. On the other hand, the wicked want to proceed us along the wrong route in life. Turn us away from rightouness and then lead us down a wrong path.

Very good, morally right, excellent, justifiable and virtuous people are as bold as lions the Bible tells us. None of those traits are from the wicked but from God alone. We are fearless, confident, and relentless in the pursuit of what we seek and our conviction is that what we are doing here on earth in the name of Jesus Christ is what we are supposed to be doing.

Proverbs 28:1 “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion”

Prayer Starter: Lord, please help me today be righteous and as bold as a lion. Help me to be fearless, confident and relentless in doing your will for my life. Thank you for always loving, guiding and protecting me down the right path. Amen.

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