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God is good. This passage really stood out to me this morning.

Leviticus 23:22 NIV:“‘When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Leave them for the poor and for the foreigner residing among you. I am the Lord your God.’”

This verse means when you work so hard for something and you get what you achieve. Still continue to give to others who need it. Our heavenly Father is commanding us to do this. For an example, if you work really hard for money, clothes or food give to the poor but do it with out others noticing. Your treasures will be greater in Heavan (Proverbs 22:9), (Proverbs 22:16). If you work really hard for a roof over your head the bible tells us to share that with the poor as well (1 Peter 4:9-19). This is a deep passage because although we give to the church we can always continue giving to others who need it around us in our day to day lives. God puts people in our life for a reason and these opportunities to give us even more blessings than we already have. (Jeremiah 29:11), (Proverbs 3:5-6),(1 Corinthians 16:11).

Ask yourself what you do when you see someone else struggling? How do you respond? Do you have something yearning in your soul to help? If you do this is The Holy Spirit talking to you. When you have enough to clothe yourself, feed yourself, provide housing for yourself and have the ability to take care of your family. God has given you the opportunity to do so and now He is commanding you to take care of His children with what you have left over. What do you with the left overs regarding God’s children who aren’t taken care of? I know the saying goes if you give a man a fish he eats for the night but if you teach him how to fish he eats for the rest of his life.

We as Christians should be fishers of men sharing the gospel but this is talking about giving advice, wisdom and teaching. Not just a dinner. This must be done in a respectful, kind and loving manner. Not in a way that is enabling, demeaning or disresctful. On top of that, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is capable of providing for themselves because of disease or sickness. If you feel a calling in your heart to help others when they need it, listen to that voice. My mom used to tell me ask your self, “what if that was your child, mother or father struggling who needed the help. Wouldn’t you want someone to help them if you couldn’t?”

Prayer Starter: Lord, please help me today obtain the opportunity to work. I want to provide for myself, my family and still have enough to give to the needy. Thank you for all the opportunity’s you have provided me with my degree and Real Estate this far. Amen.

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