How To Wait

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I asked God what I should do about a situation occurring in my life right now. Sometimes God answers with “do nothing.” I’m a doer and often times tend to “over do.” So, to get this type of answer from Him can be confusing and frustrating to me.

He told me to stay where “I am.” If you think about it He is saying stay where He is. Don’t loose sight of Him and stay connected to the branch. Stay where “I am.” He specifically told me to wait for a particular action or event to take place.

It’s important to not be eagerly impatient or to make decisions too quickly. Which, I tend to do and need to work on. Especially, decisions that aren’t centered around God need extra time and consideration so, we don’t make those decisions. We need to be making decisions that are pleasing and honorable to God.

It’s good to plan ahead and to work hard but, we must also as Christians ask God if that plan is His plan or will for our life. Not our own plan or will for our life. His. God puts us physically where we are in life for a reason.

Christians are called to withstand any type of pressure that comes our way big or small. Wether we like it or not. God isn’t looking for our approval.
We have the strength from almighty Jehovah to accomplish any task He puts in our life. My strength comes from the Lord. (Psalms 121:2-8) When we wait on God He is building something bigger and better for us in our lives. The bible talks about how we are placed in Gods right hand.

God is so mighty and powerful the bible talks about why we aren’t able to see Him. It’s because we would actually drop dead from the sight of him. He is so amazing and powerful the sight of Him would kill us. We are written in the Lambs book of life.

On the solar plane we can see and listen to light traveling 13 billion light years away to get here. We are simply, in one demention. God has control over 3 deminisions. Earth, Heavan and Hell. The bible tells us that He can expand the Cosmos with one hand! (Genesis 1:11).

The craziest part is, we have complete access to Him whenever we want! We can talk to the creator of the universe and ask for guidance whenever! We don’t live in the old world where only a priest could talk to Him by entering the Holly of Hollys. We just simply can pray to Him and He will answer us! However, we need to remember sometimes by not recieving an answer is an answer with in its self.

The bible talks about how there are golden bowls in front of God right this very second with our prayers in them. (Revelation 5:8). If you are saved He is going to hold us and always come through because He is loving, kind and our father. He always steps in and takes care of what others can’t.

He is the great I am. He was, what is and what is to come. He is obedient, holy, good and loving. He makes anything and everything work for our good. The bible says we will rise up on wings like eagles, we will run and not be weary. (28″ Isaiah 40:31).

So, wether we are waiting on a better job, home, relationships or anything else. When ever we lack something in our earthly life but, we have a relationship with God. He will make up for it with whatever we may be lacking.

I have the ability to make accomplishments in my life that others won’t. This is because God has given me experiences and tools He hasn’t given to others. Other people have different kinds of unique strengths, tools and experience as well that I don’t have. They are called to use their strengths and tools in Gods perfect timing just how I am called to use mind.

Think of a body. We are all one body in Christ. If I’m a leg, I can’t do what an arm can do. Just how the arm can’t do what I can do.

No matter what, I have God by my side and I will wait for His perfect plan in His perfect timing. He puts you and I in situations for reasons that are unknown sometimes. They are all different and perfect in their own way. Wether we can see that or not we have to have faith that God is guiding us in the right direction. We may never know why things happen until we get to Heavan but it’s for our protection. He loves us and want’s the best for us.
He does this because He has specifically given us the strength to over come situations others simply wouldn’t be able to. We are called to wait on the Lord. When I am weak, I am strong. (Corinthians 2:12-10).

Psalm 27:13 “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for theLord!”

Prayer Starter: Lord, please give me the strength and courage to wait on you today and through out the week. I pray you give myself and others this strength and courage as well. Thank you for for today and teaching me how to wait on you and your perfect timing. Amen

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