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Last night I had Bible study with my Aunt. We did a Daily Devotional from our Daily Bread this time. Todays Scripture & Insight was on Isaiah 25:1-9. It talks about how God will prepare feasts of rich foods for us (ch.25) with the finest and sweetest of drinks. It will be blessed, fruitful and provide provision for God’s people. The Devotional concludes with how one day we will be together with Jesus at the wedding supper of the Lamb as He welcomes us home.

My Aunt has a gift to get check’s in her sprit when she knows something isn’t right. She says thats why she memorizes Scripture so when she does get that check she can say a verse, walk aways and know that God is with her. She told me that a girl on Tick Tok was telling a story about how at 7 years old she died, went to Heavan for a couple minutes and then came back to life. My Aunt didn’t get a check in her spirit that something was wrong and took it as true.

The girl spoke about how she saw Jesus chatting with Moses in a white corner of the room she was in and that she was at a dinner feast sitting at the table. The girl had said she was eating the best Cherry Pie she had ever had. Keep in mind she was 7 when she went to Heavan. She said as she would eat the Cherry Pie then another one would appear right in front of her to eat again! She said it was the best Cherry Pie she had ever had and how she couldn’t get enough!

The reason why this came up is because my Aunt was talking about how things that used to excited her in life don’t as much anymore. She compared it to how when you’re a child you get excited over everything and as you grow older that feeling starts to go away. She thinks its God’s way of calling us home so we can be excited for the things in Heavan God has in store for us and not things here on earth anymore. That’s why scripture tells us to keep our eyes focused on things above.

My Aunt also spoke about how now and days when she does get excited its like a gift from God! God gives us little gifts and reminders that He is here with us. Thats why if you pray really hard and think about something for a long time God will make a way for it to happen. My hair dresser was talking about how she wanted this piece of decor for her wall in her house but it was $500.

She explained how she couldn’t afford it but she thought about it a lot, almost every day she said for a couple months. A couple months later, she walked into a thrift store and there is was waiting for her priced at $50! She couldn’t believe her eyes! She had also explained to me how God has a way of bring things to you in this world as gifts to reward us because He loves us.

Prayer Starter: Lord, thank you for bringing me gifts, blessing and the people I have in my life. Amen.

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