Walking On Water

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It’s important not to criticized others and to surround yourself with good, Godly people. It’s very important to remember that you are who you hangout with too. I know when I start hanging out with someone for a long enough time I will start to act and talk like them. We as Christians need to set an example for others to follow. Nobody should be ignorant of God because we should all be spreading the word.

God talks about how there is a difference between human skin and animal skin in the bible. He explains this and compares it to how the sun’s skins is different from the starts. God also reveals to us that there is a difference between heavenly skin and earthly skin. He tells us that the heavenly body’s don’t need to hide themselves from being unclothed but the earthly ones do. This reminds me of how Adam and Eve felt the need to make clothes out of trees and cover themselves after they ate the apple in the garden because they sinned for the first time. Sin lead’s to death but the good news is, Jesus lead’s to life!

I have sinned many times in my life. Just because I’m saved by the lambs blood doesn’t mean I’m going to stop sinning. I’m human, I’m going to slip up sometimes. I can pray and pray again for how sorry I’m but the honest truth is, I’l probably do it again. We as humans all sin but Jesus never did. He is our perfect example to follow. He died for us because he loved us so much and he defeated the grave. Thats why when Christians come to God they are born again and will be resurrected by Jesus Christs our Lord and Savior.

Whenever I do sin or a bad decision pops into my head to do something I know I shouldn’t do, this song pops into my head. Its called walking on water I’ll attach the link down below! It goes “I was sinking like a stone again, I was half way in the grave grave then. I looked up and saw your face again. You pulled me out of the water. My eyes are on you again. You’re outstretched arms help me to believe it.” It’s really upbeat and always pulls me out of a funk!

1 Corinthians 15: “”Bad company corrupts good character.” Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God-I say this in your shame.

Prayer Starter: Lord, thank you for loving me every single day and surrounding me with good, Godly people. I love you so much and I’m thank full for another day. Thank you for scripture and the power of prayer. I pray today you keep me focused on you God. Amen.

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