Trust in the Lord, My Confidence is in Him

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I love Joyce Myers Daily devotional today… Especially this paragraph. She says “Years before, when David was just a boy, everyone around him discouraged him when he decided to fight Goliath. They told him he was too young and too inexperienced, and that he didn’t have the right armor or the right weapons. Many of the discouraging things people said were true, but they didn’t deter David from pursuing his God-given destiny. He was able to provide his own encouragement because he was confident in God.”

No matter what, you will always have set backs in life. It’s how you go about over coming these set backs is what really matters at the end of the day. It’s important to not stress over our weaknesses.

You don’t always have to be the best in the room. As long as at the end of the day you did the best that you could do. That’s all that matters. My grandpa told me that. I know I’ve been discouraged for being too young, lacking experience and even wrongfully my itnellegiance before in my life. Although, some of these factors may have been true, these people that were discouraging me didn’t realize that I had the most powerful being in the entire universe by my side encouraging me every step of the way.

I have the creator of heaven and earth walking with me every day of my life and if that’s not motivation to do what people are telling you can’t do. Then, I don’t know what is. I’m confident in God that he will get me to where I need to be in life because I trust Him full heartily. He’s gotten me to where I’ve needed to be before and He will do it again. In His perfect timing.

God equips us believers for every situation that we come across in life. If we weren’t able to handle it God simply wouldn’t have brought us to it. When there’s a desire in your heart to do whats right and what God would approve of. You should always take advantage of this. This is the Holy Spirit guiding you. He’s calling you to do His will. Theres this saying it goes “If he’s strong enough to bring you to it. He’s strong enough to get you through it.”

2 Jeremiah 7:17: But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.

Prayer starter: Lord, Thank you for giving me the confidence to trust in you! I’m nothing with out you and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today If it wasn’t for you! Thank you for all the blessings and hardships you’ve brought into my life. Thank you for making me stronger everyday, leading me and guiding me in every situation I come across good or bad. I pray that you continue to keep growing my trust, faith and confidence in you Lord. Amen.

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