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I’ve come to realize that no matter what you do in life its always better to do it God’s way. Sometimes It takes a little more time to pray. However, we still need to all be asking Him “what way should I turn in life God?” Have you ever asked God this question?

Sometimes there is no question about what way we should turn and we know exactly what to do. Sometimes we may need to sleep and pray on a decision for weeks, months or even years! When there is an overwhelming sense of “yes” or peace about a decision you know it is in Gods will.
You don’t want to step ahead too quickly or too slowly but, make the right decision in God’s perfect timing. It’s important to ask yourself is this decision consistent with the word of God? I’ll attach a Charles Stanley video down below if you find yourself needing advice on how to make wise, Godly decisions.

Asking yourself about the consequences and If a decision fits who you are as a follower of Jesus Christ needs to be considered with every decision you face in your life. As Christians, It matter’s what career path we choose because ultimately, that will affect your life. It matters who you marry and It matters how you life your life day by day.

The biggest take away is that as long as you’re working hard to please the Lord with all your heart every day you’re doing pretty good. Three examples of working for the Lord with all your heart are having a solid work ethic, doing everything with out complaining and walking humbly with God.

Colossians 3: 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

Prayer Starter: Lord, please help me today to make wise decisions. I pray that you show me the correct path in every situation to take I may come across in my life. I pray that you continue to comfort me when I’m unsure, scared and anxious about a decision. I want to make decisions that will honor you. I want to work with all my heart to serve you God. Amen

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